Saturday, December 10, 2016

Battered Unit Markers

I've been away from posting here for too long.  Just other stuff getting in the way.

Anyhow, you may have noticed in the previous post a couple of casualties lurking among the Late Roman and Bacaudae units.  I'll use these to identify "battered units" in Lion Rampant.  They come from a pack of resin pieces by Curteys Miniatures.

Here are the rest:

The fancier shields are by Little Big Men Studio, from the sets designed for the Gripping Beast plastic Late Romans.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fifth Century Gaul Here I Come!

Since I got my copy of Lion Rampant at Christmas last year I've been in an unprecedentedly productive period as far as 28mm figures are concerned.  As well as having produced two completed forces for the fifteenth century Burgundian-Swiss Wars, I've now completed 20 points aside for my Bacaudae project.

As I've said before, I plan to run a Lion Rampant Campaign set in fifth century Armorica (western Gaul; modern Brittany).  First up are the Bacaudae themselves; rebels, revolutionaries, reactionaries against Germanic settlement?  Who knows?

The main body of the force currently consists of two units of Bacaudae foot troops.  They are  mixture of models; mostly Foundry but at least one Gripping Beast and several Bad Squiddo shield maidens. 

There's also a unit of skirmishers, one of whom has one of the early cross-bows in use in the Late Roman period. 

In a change of plan from my original force design, the Bacaudae are now to be reinforced by some Sarmatian allies; these six Warlord Games cataphracts.

Finally, these mounted bacaudae are stiffened by a couple more Sarmatians.

Their opponents are the forces of law and order in western Gaul, the local military representatives of the crumbling Roman Empire.

Made up mostly of the contents of a box of Gripping Beast plastic Late romans, the force has a legionary unit, two units of Auxilia (one with spears and the other archers) and a small unit of skirmishers.  They are backed up by a mounted group of Alans.  These last are probably in the process of being settled in the area in exchange for future military service.

On both the legionaries (above) and the auxilia palatina (below) I've replaced the over-thick cast-on plastic spears with wickedly sharp steel wire ones.

The skirmishers bear, period-appropriate I believe, appliqué designs on their uniforms.

The Alans have appeared before, though at the time I may have planned for them to be Huns.  Here they are again for completeness.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

On the Workbench

Nothing much has been finished recently but there's plenty nearing completion as I draw to the end of creating forces to play Lion Rampant set in fifth century sub-Roman Gaul (the Bacaudae project).

These two Sarmatian cataphracts are the last two of eight from the Warlord Games boxed-set.

Lion Rampant uses six-strong units for cavalry so these guys are spare.  I plan to use them as Sarmatians stiffening an otherwise poorly trained and ill-equipped mounted unit of Bacaudae rebels.

The other horsemen are being constructed using spare horses I've had for decades and parts of Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors.

This first guy uses a Gripping Beast upper body and sword arm and a GB Late Roman helmeted head.  The lower torso and legs and the Roman-style saddle horns are sculpted from Green Stuff.  Oh and there's a sword scabbard from one of the Perry medieval sets.

The next guy sits on an already-Roman horse (an old Lamming casting I believe).  Again, upper body, shield, arm and head from Gripping Beast, home-sculpted abdomen and legs.

Further to the Bacaudae project, and actually finished, are these skirmishers.

They are mostly Foundry with one of Annie Norman's shield maidens and a crossbowman of unknown heritage.

Finally, we have these Numidians.  I have twelve of these old-school figures to resurrect. They'll eventually give my four units for To The Strongest or Basic Impetus.

Monday, November 21, 2016

More Speedy Andreivians

Further additions to the speed painted Andreivian infantry are these chaps. An NCO, two privates and a mounted officer.

The mounted officer is from the Airfix Foreign Legion box.  He rides a horse that came, I think, from the same manufacturer's French Cuirassiers.  All I've done is removed the neck curtain from his kepi.

The remaining figures are simply more repaints.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Down Among the Fishes

The latest addition to the models for next years Crisis Point is this mini-sub.

It's made from the upper hull of the cheap plastic toy canoe seen in a previous post.

The conning tower was built up out of heavy grade paper over sandwiched layers of foamcore.

The periscope is cocktail stick on a glass bead.  The schnorkel is a length of plastic rod.  Various bits of plastic provide detail inside the conning tower.

The crew are from Revell.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Andreivian Artillery

The latest addition to my 1918 Andreivia forces is some artillery and its accompanying supply wagon.

The supply wagon is a Lledo milk-float with an added tissue paper canvas cover.  The driver is from a pack of figures I got from the bring and buy at an old SOTCW event many years ago.  I think they might be Crimean War era British.

The gun is a French 75mm Mle1897 by Raventhorpe.  Up to now it's been serving I'm my 1940 French army but I have some unbuilt pneumatic-tyres 75s so the French will get those instead.  Again, the unidentified gunner figures.  They were painted in the same colour as the infantry (khaki with a sepia wash) but with chocolate brown busbies with cobalt blue bags.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Messing about with boats

As I continue working towards an early twentieth century Andreivia collection I've finished off an Arab dhow that's been half-done for many years.

Very much a representative war games toy rather than a detailed scale model, it's built using a template from Major General Tremorden Rederring's Colonial Wargames Site.  The materials were thin card from the back of an A4 pad, corrugated cardboard, scraps of balsa wood, a piece of dowel, a barbecue skewer, some tissue and some fine thread.  Oh and a piece of brass wire for the tiller.

This boat will provide transport for a band of Arab smugglers who may well show up in post-WW1 Andreivia.

Also on the workbench is this:

It's a canoe that I bought from Poundland with a large scale toy commando figure.  I originally bought it for the lower hull, which I thought would convert into a 20mm scale boat but I'm now having thoughts about the upper hull too.  More later on this.