Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wars of the Roses Impetus - part three

Yet more in the way of rebased fifteenth century troops have found their way beneath the camera lens.  This time all units of generic English longbowmen.  

First up are some are QT Models figures that I picked up on a bring and buy somewhere.  Without livery jackets they'll do as either side in the Wars of the Roses or even as part of a late 100 Years War English army.  Im not keen on the baggy hose and the thick, undetailed longbows but otherwise they're OK.

Next there's another generic longbow unit.  The front rank are from the same batch of bring and buy QTs.  The second rank has three QT figures I painted one of whom had lost his original head and gained a replacement made from Milliput.  The final figure is a more 14th century type of unknown provenance.

The last unit, this time, is another generic archer bought from a bring and buy.  No idea of the manufacturer.


sebastosfig said...

your guys look good. I like them

BigRedBat said...

Starting to get a good sized army, there!