Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back from Disneyland Paris...

... where there was not much to see of interest from a wargaming point of view except for the three French Army types who turned up each day, armed to the teeth, to patrol the area between the park and the railway station.


Revolutionary General said...

I do like French Camo. And the cut of their uniforms are so much better than most armies too.

Fiasco said...

Ah! You met "Vigipirate" plan!
Don't worry, these guys' rifles aren't loaded, they're only here to reassure people. If they encounter anything, they have to leave it to the gendarmerie, that has the real firepower and means to deal with any trouble.

@Revolutionary General: their uniforms cut make them look great, 'cause it's tight, but in combat situation, it's not that efficient. Soldiers in Afghanistan wear "guerilla" cut, which is much more comfortable. :)