Monday, January 21, 2013

On the workbench - January

Stately Counterpane Manor is a bit snowed in:

But it's given me a chance to catch up with the blog and to make some progress on stuff for the Big CWC Game in April.

Still on the workbench after months of off-on work is my 1/285th scale ice-breaker, the USS Burton Island.  This ancient Revell kit is proving to be a bit of a bugger to build.  One or two places have need heavy application of filler and the instructions aren't terribly helpful from a painting point of view.  Three different colours are indicated for the decks.  In the end I've gone for Vallejo Reflective Green.

The vessels is now water-lined and when the latest batch of filler has cured, I'll be within a session or two of completing construction so I can go on to paint her.

A requirement for the Big Game is to have enough fighter aircraft to mark areas where one side of the other has achieved air superiority.  These two Luftwaffe F-104s will contribute to the NATO effort in this regard.

Finally on the workbench but not yet started is this terribly kitsch ceramic building.  It was only 50p from the local flea market and I figured it would paint up reasonably as a German house in 15mm scale.

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