Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Plans

Every year I try to get in a couple of games between Christmas and the New Year when I know that my gaming mates and I will all be available.  This year is no exception.  Or rather it is an exception in that this year I plan three games!

When I ran the Kursk 1943 game recently, young Jacob from over the road wanted to play.  He happened to ask when we were very busy, right at the end of the evening so I promised him a game in a few weeks' time.  So on Saturday 27th (if all of them can make it) I'll be running an Eastern Front tank game for the neighbourhood kids - Jacob, Harry, and Leo.

The plan is that Harry and Leo will have three T-34s (with tank riders) each to assault a German position.  Jacob (the youngest) will help me by rolling dice and wearing the German helmet!

The following day I plan a large Black Powder game.  This will be set in the early 18th century and will feature Russians against a perhaps unlikely alliance of Poles and Turks.

Once again my Baccus and Irregular 6mm models will form the forces.

Finally, on the afternoon of New Year's Eve I plan a game, or perhaps two, of Pulp Alley.  The Mystery of Faulkner's Balls awaits daring adventurers!


Al said...

Cool Blog mate, link added

Counterpane said...

Cheers, Al!

Richard Phillips said...

Sounds like a fun packed Christmas wish I lived closer. Have a good one, I will be busy building Tcherbevan.
Richard P