Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Nothing To See Here...

... move along please.

Weekends have been busy of late with trips to Liverpool and Hull so I haven't completed much that's particularly photogenic.

I've decided to spend a few evenings getting the whole of my 6mm early WW2 French force based according to the standard I use for Blitzkrieg Commander (though it will also function for Tac:WW2).  Here's a Renault R-35 battalion in mid-basing.

And below another shot showing the whole army to be completed.

The chopping board on the left has models in various stages of base painting including the R-35s plus another battalion of Chars B1 bis.  In the middle are infantry and support weapons (Scotia).  The two boxes on the right contain mostly finished models but also a reinforced infantry battalion (Heroics and Ros) that need rebasing to my current standard.

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Kaptain Kobold said...

I'd like some stuff for Tac WWII, but you can't buy the bloody rules any more :(