Wednesday, July 22, 2015


When I saw that Rapier Miniatures were attending Joy of Six I resolved to buy a pack from their 6mm Classical Ancients range to see how they compare with Baccus.

I ended up getting a pack of Parthian Cataphracts - £1.25 for ten figures including a commander with a mace, a horn player, and a standard bearer with a draco.  I figured this set wouldn't look out of place    alongside my Late Romans and their contemporaries.

Rapidly (two evenings) painted and based they look like this:

The detail is perfectly adequate and these are nicely proportioned figures.  Most noticeably they don't suffer from the cartoony oversized heads that can be seen on Baccus and especially Adler miniatures.

Directly compared with Baccus (in this case my Late Roman heavy cavalry unit) the difference of style is noticeable but I think I can live with it.

The final point is that the Rapier packs are clearly intended with smaller base sizes in mind.  A game at Joy of Six used their figures on 40mm wide bases and that's what I've chosen to do here.  I'm adopting 40mm x 30mm as my standard base size for Small units in To The Strongest!  See below for small and standard sized units in my scheme.

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