Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Another Evening Game

Jamie and I managed to play another game of Saga (our second) this evening.

We stuck to the same forces as last time; Jamie playing the Welsh and I the English (Anglo-Saxons if you insist).  This time the scenario involved two fords over a river.

The battlefield - English in the foreground with two units of levy at
the left hand ford and Warriors and Warlord approaching the right.
Four hearthguard in central reserve.  The Welsh are behind the trees.
I decided to defend one ford with my two large units of Levy.  I figured that, whatever Jamie threw at them, they were likely to last some time defending the river as the sheer number of men in the units would take some killing.  The rest of my army (Warlord, Hearthguard and Warriors) would rush forward and force a crossing of the other ford.  I started with the Hearthguard in a central reserve position to keep Jamie guessing.

Jamie currently plays the Welsh as just three units - Warlord, 12 Levy and 12 Hearthguard!  The last of these is a serious powerful unit.

This time we got the rules right (or at least righter).  Jamie got Saga dice based on the number of units, not their points value, and I used the right dice.  Apparently the pdf for the Anglo-Saxon dice symbols on the Saga website gives you the wrong mix of symbols.  As a result both armies should have been weaker than last time.

Jamie started by moving his Hearthguard into the woods opposite my Levy.  His Warlord and Levy moved through the other woods near the other (right hand to me) ford.  I already had my Levy at the left hand ford and rushed the rest of the army to the other ford.

Saxon levy roadblock
Crossing the right hand ford, the English warriors took the first casualty of the game from Welsh javelins.

On, on you noblest English!
The English Warriors charged into the Welsh Levy and the two Warlords clashed.  Jamie put all of his efforts (and Saga dice) into defence and the Welsh stood their ground heroically.  The English were forced to pull back.

However, now the English Hearthguard arrived across the ford to help.

Meanwhile, the Welsh Hearthguard charged towards the other ford and were met by the English Levy.

Again defensive Saga abilities were played (this time by me) and the English were able to hold the ford.

After turn 7 the final positions saw the English holding the left hand ford...

... and well established over the other for a 9-0 win.

Nine-nil to the Eng-er-land!

I'm beginning to feel like we're over the worst of learning the Saga system now.  We can begin learning the right tactics rather than struggling to understand if we're playing the game correctly.

All of the figures painted by Jamie.


Richard Phillips said...

Great game chaps. Nice to have an opponent under the same roof. Jamie has done a great job on his Saga collection. Look forward to seeing more.
Richard P

Counterpane said...

Cheers, Richard.