Thursday, September 3, 2015

Latest Romans

In the run up to the Berkeley HOTT tournament in Slimbridge (where I'm running To The Strongest! on the Saturday evening) I've been finishing off my remaining Baccus ancients.  These guys are painted but are yet to have the static grass applied to their bases.

First up are the Equites Primi Gallicani, a Cavalry unit in TTS! terms (CM for Impetus).

I've added a General figure to this base.  In TTS! terms he can count as an attached general.

Second up we have the Schola Armaturarum Seniorum, a guard cavalry unit.

These guys are on a 40mm wide base and represent a small unit in TTS! terms.  They were made with the few figures I know I'l have left over when I complete the last full-sized unit (now on the workbench).

Finally there's another generic Dark Ages light infantry (bow) unit:

They are Baccus Saxon Archers with an officer modified from a figure in the Saxon Personalities pack.


Simon Miller said...

Super Richard! Photos from Berkeley, please.

Counterpane said...

Thanks, Simon. Will do!