Friday, April 21, 2017

Prof van Langhendonck's Peacemaker

I said that I'd publish some of the stuff that was going on in the background of this year's Crisis Point event.  Here are the details of Leo and Arthur's mission on Day One.  Arthur was off-loading the gas bombs and mortar from the dhow before sailing off with a load of stolen rifles that Leo had retrieved from the old gold mine.

Prof van Langhendonck’s VM Gas Bombs
The Belgian chemist Henk van Langhendonck set out to create a gas that would bring about a humane end to the war.  It would render those gassed so terrified that they would be unable to fight or even to remain in their trenches.  Langhendonck envisaged using the gas on the German forces occupying Belgium thereby forcing them to flee the country.  VM stands for Vredemaker; Flemish for “peacemaker”. 

Unfortunately the first batch of gas was stolen from Prof Langhendonck’s laboratory before it could be properly tested.  Now in the hands of Arab gun runners who plan to sell it to the highest bidder in Andreivia, the gas may have unpredictable effects.

These trial gas bombs are designed to be fired from a specially modified 120mm trench mortar (the Arabs have that too) but with a little simple modification, they could easily be dropped from an aircraft.
When firing the gas bombs from the mortar use the following stats:

Target area radius
Within min range

Roll 5+ or 6+ to be on target.  If off-target deviate by 1d6” inches.
If there are any figures in the target area roll 1d6 for the effect of the gas:

Gas effect
Lethal - all figures in the target area suffer an attack with “n” = 1d10
Non-lethal – all figures in target area take a Morale test at -1 to their roll. Panic and Hero rules apply.
3, 4
Non-lethal – all figures in target area take a Morale test at -1 to their roll.
Non-lethal – all figures in target area take a Morale test.
Unpredicted – roll for each unit in the target area on the Random Events Table

The gas disperses at the end of the turn.


Richard Phillips said...

So that's what they were up to! I knew they were up to no good with all the comings and goings. Did they actually use it?
Cheers, Richard P

Counterpane said...

I know Leo got about one shot off at the lead elements of WoosterForce. I think that might've been the full extent of it.