Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Joy of Six 2017

I had a most enjoyable day today.  I nearly said, "A most enjoyable day's gaming" but to be honest, we spent so much time chatting to each other and to visitors that I don't think the Cold War Commanders got through more than about five game turns all day!

The scenario was entitled LANDJUT 1989 and was a based on the fighting so far in our campaign covering a Warsaw Pact invasion of Denmark.

Soviet and Polish forces were attempting to take the Kiel Canal.  

Phil Gray and I commanded a US airborne brigade and managed to spend the whole game arriving by helicopter and then moving to occupy the large forest in the photo above.

As always the terrain, mostly provided by the Grimsby club and by Richard Phillips, looked great!

We already have a plan for next year's game, of which more anon.


Tales from Shed HQ said...

Nice report Mr C. Great to see you again. Look forward to seeing you again in September for our Umpiring tasks.

Cheers, Richard P

Simon Miller said...

Terrific looking game!

Counterpane said...

It did look rather impressive en masse. My contribution was about 20cm2 of terrain and a few trees.