Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The fate of Denmark hangs in the balance...

I went over to Grimsby on Saturday to help umpire the first day of the latest in the CP6 series of Cold War Commander megagames.

CP6 has its origins in the first couple of Dungworth Crisis Point weekends - before I got bored with putting on CWC games and decided to switch to Arc of Fire.  Over the years the players, especially Richard Phillips and the Grimsby guys, have accumulated some magnificent terrain and lovely armies.

Here are some pics, starting with the upstairs room:

The upstairs team (l to r): Rodger, Andy B and Mark F (NATO),
?, Jason, Andy H and Keith (Warpac)
Downstairs - Danny (NATO) on the right this time.
The Grimsby club's venue is terrific. It has all the features you could possibly want (with the possible exception of a licensed bar) and is actually owned by the club!

The upstairs table from the far end - Umpire Steve G
in the GWS shirt.

Downstairs - the Warsaw Pact forces (East Germans in the
foreground) had to try and cut the main highway. The pink
Squares mark a major minefield in front of Alan M's Belgians.

Andy M's Soviet Horde

Danish coastal defence guns on the hill - from the
pocket battleship Scharnhorst if I recall correctly.
The upstairs table seen from the Umpires' position. Godfather of CP6 Richard Phillips on
the extreme left.

Warsaw Pact air assets awaiting on call

Likewise NATO (apart from the Tu-160 Blackjack and
Tu-22 Blinder in the background).
The effect of NATO cluster bombs on Soviet armour
By the end of day one the Soviets are beginning to contest
control of the airport at Aarhus. On day two NATO will be
restricted to carrier-borne air support.
L to R - Simon, Danny and Andy T
Mark J's East Germans - how are they to get across that

I have to say I think we've probably pushed this set of rules further than they were designed to go.  Games at this side are far from fast-moving. However, I did come away from the day enthused to play a little more with somewhat more manageable forces.  The house rules seemed to work pretty well and there were refreshingly few rules disagreements.


Ski said...

That's pretty excellent. awesome post.

Pete. said...

Gaming on an epic scale- I love it.



Staz Matt said...

Sweet jeeebuzzz, what an amazing set up!!!

Counterpane said...

Thanks for the comments guys!

Tales from Shed HQ said...

Great pictures Mr C and it was fantastic to see you on the Saturday. I agree we have probably pushed the rules as far as they can go for this size game and most of us agree that all future events will have to steer clear of walls of tanks. Players are moving towards infantry heavy forces with some armour support which will lend itself nicely to the return to Norway 1985 next year

Tales from Shed HQ said...

? = Peter S