Wednesday, April 25, 2018

On the workbench: Atlantic Wall Defences

I've spent the evening finishing off some 6mm scale German defences from The Baggage Train.  These are all likely to appear in 2019 in a series of Normandy games planned by the Cold War Commanders.

First up are a couple of H669 pattern bunkers.  These are designed to enfilade beaches.  The side wall goes on the side nearest to the sea and protects the fire slit of the bunker from direct naval gunfire.

Next up is an AA position.  I think it's designed for a 20mm AA gun but I have a spare 37mm that I'm going to try in it.

There's another similar AA gun position on top of this command bunker (below).

And finally for now there's this artillery position.  I'm beginning to regret selling a book I had years ago about German field engineering.  I could have used it to identify all of these!

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