Wednesday, August 1, 2018

On the workbench - Mexican Cavalry

My Maximilian Adventure project continues to advance.  Currently in production is a group of Republican/Liberal regular cavalry:

They are pretty simply converted from Perry plastic ACW cavalry.  They require the kepi building up higher and the addition of a cloth cover with a neck curtain.  Both are from Green Stuff.

Mexican cavalry at the time seem to have been mostly lance-armed.  I'm using all three standard poles from the Perry box but I've also added a spear (and hand) from one of the Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors boxes.  I like the way you can mix and match bits from other boxes of plastic figures.

Although there are only seven shown in the photo above, I'm actually making nine; a standard Sharp Practice unit of eight plus an extra figure to act as Leader.  This is a lot of 28mm figures to paint in one go and you'll see that in an effort to retain my sanity I've got a mixture with some still to be converted whilst others are nearly completely painted.

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