Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Road to Bremen - rules calls

I thought it might be useful to capture here some of the rules decisions we've made in playing the Road to Bremen mini-campaign.  I'll update this as we go along.

Panzerfausts – Which model of Panzerfaust is reasonable to use?  Panzerfaust 100 was certainly in use but I understand it hadn’t completely replaced Panzerfaust 60.  My suggestion is that the Germans get Panzerfaust 60 in all scenarios except the one in which they choose the Panzerfaust dump as a support option, where they get the 100.

Raised roads – On Table 2, the roads are described as raised above the low-lying, boggy fields.  These are not high embankments so I suggest the following.  The roads do not block line of sight from one side to the other.  However, infantry (not vehicles or AT guns) deployed immediately behind or moving along the far edge of a raised road get the benefit of light cover against fire coming across the road.
Volkssturm - The campaign rules make it clear that Volkssturm don't get the minus on their roll for Force Morale that Green troops usually would.  Other than that they are silent. Clearly these aren't highly trained professionals with weeks of recent experience on the field of battle.  In a case of "Don't as I do; do as I say" I'd recommend treating them as Green when shot at.  I believe Mark aka The Tactical painter gave them 5 Command Dice and I did likewise.

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