Saturday, May 11, 2019

Song of Glorantha

Hmm, it appears that the last time I used my individually-based Glorantha miniatures with Song of Blades and Heroes was July 2014!  I should probably do something about that.

I've had a Pavis building part-way to completion for well over half that time.  I keep going back to it and adding a few elements but the time has come to give it a damn good finishing!

One of the fascinating things about New Pavis (or Pavis-outside-the-Walls if you prefer) is that most of the buildings were put together about whatever was lying around at the time.  What was lying around was the remains of a destroyed God Learner city.  As such the building materials of New Pavis are steeped in old and mysterious magics.  That stone at the back of your fireplace may harbour a spirit.

Now this is not unusual in Glorantha.  An Orlanthi family in Sartar might be used to having a household spirit tied to their stead-house but a family of Orlanthi refugees in Pavis may find that the entity in their house is of a more unconventional kind!

My developing Pavis building is basically a foam core box on a base made from an old table-mat but I've integrated some additional elements.

The stonework at one end is from a piece of Ainsty Miniatures' modular dungeon system.  It's sold as an entranceway that's been deliberately blocked with a rubble wall.  I had to cut a hole in the table-mat to accommodate the Ainsty piece's deep base.

I'm in the process of bridging it to the surrounding (foamcore) mud-brick wall with Green Stuff-sculpted stones.

I've provided the house with a fairly normal wooden door but the lintel features carved stone wolves' heads that came from the oft-mentioned bag of assorted white metal bits from Gauntlet.

The roof is made of coffee stirrers on bamboo-skewer beams and I've added some paving from varying thicknesses of card.

I originally planned to put a door in the end of the building and give is an awning made to resemble woven rush matting but I think instead I'll add another building on the open end of the base.  A narrow alley between them will let members of the local street gang escape the Lunar Watch.

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Well we did something about it on Saturday. Great game!
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