Saturday, November 9, 2019

Washed any aircraft recently?

I was quite pleased when, few years ago, I acquired this rather smart wooden box.

Suitably lined with foam it made a great storage box for my 1/300th scale modern aircraft and safely carried them to numerous Cold War Commanders gatherings throughout the UK.

This morning I decided to look out the models I need for a game on Monday evening only to find that the grey foam has "gone off".  It's lost its strength and has stuck to the bottom of the models!

Fortunately it washed off with cold water and I was able to rescue the models without too much damage - just a couple of bombs dislodged from one of the Su-25s.  So, out with the super glue when my fingers have warmed up!

I need to review my storage to see if I've used the same foam anywhere else.  And then I need to think about where to store the aircraft.  They all have magnets on the bottom.  I wonder if Stella would mind me keeping them on the fridge door?


Ski said...

The refrigerator door isn't a far cry from what I used as a solution to the same problem. I picked up an 8.5" x 11" magnetic whiteboard that neatly fits inside a box I'd scavenged. It's got about 50 or 60 magnet-bearing 1/600 jets stuck to it and they don't roam around!

Wg Cdr Luddite said...

I line all my boxes with plastic coated steel which I cut myself. If you would like me to cut you some to size please get in contact.

Bill said...

I need to take some pictures and do a blog post on my airplane storage. The really short version is:
* Cut a piece of foam core to the width of my plastic storage box and twice as long as the space I need to store the planes, plus a bit.
* Peel the paper from one side of the sheet.
* Cut a strip from the middle of the sheet (leaving the paper intact) that is twice the thickness of the foam.
* Place the planes on one of the exposed pieces of foam and fold it closed using the cut-away gap as a hinge.
* Put it in the box and cut a couple strips of foam board as spacers to press it closed when the box is closed.

The planes stay put, and take up half of the plastic storage box. I can use the other half for bases or whatever.

Counterpane said...

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'll have a ponder.

JLee118 said...

I found a covered baking pan at the Family Dollar that I'm currently using for my WWII aircraft. I plan to get one soon for my Moderns.