Monday, September 14, 2020

Yet more Woebetides scenery

Over the weekend I built a barracoon (slave pen) for one of the groups of Arab trader/pirates in the Woebetides.

The walls are made from lengths of wicker rescued from a small basket that was going to be thrown out. Lashings of hot glue gun glue were used to keep it together and provide strength.  The roof is sculpted from Milliput laid down in "worms", squashed and sculpted with a knife.

I also made a small marker to indicate the presence of a stash of Woebetideus weapons taken from captured tribesmen.

Finally, "Grab a weapon and run!"  

I used some spare bits to create a mixed group of escaping captives. One of the younger players may start off running this group at Crisis Point.


Tales from Shed HQ said...

Now that looks great Mr C. Great piece of terrain and also an interesting little addition to the scenario I expect.
Cheers, Richard P

PS See we do read it ;-)

Counterpane said...

Thanks Richard.

Clearly there's a balance to be struck between publicising the developments to keep the momentum of enthusiasm going and keeping plot-sensitive matters under wraps. I'll probably continue to err on the side of the former and rely on my fellow Crisis Pointers not to take advantage of information their characters wouldn't know.