Thursday, November 25, 2010

Air Traffic Control part 4

My air traffic control tower is now more or less finished. Here are some more work in progress shots.

First the process of adding glazing bars to the windows of the top floor. I used Slater's Microstrip for the three flat glazing bars on each side.

Then I made some L-section by glueing two pieces together with liquid polystyrene cement using the corner of a wooden tray (the one previously seen holding my recent 6mm purchases) as a jig. Cut carefully to length these formed the corner frames.

The doors are from a pack of injection moulded (Wills?) building parts I got from a model railway shop years ago. They looked a little low next to a based figure so I added a doorstep from two layers of card sandwiched together. The bottom floors are covered with brick paper and the windows have been undercoated in brown.

Finally, for now, the windows have been painted in GW Tin Bitz highlighted with Dwarf Bronze.

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