Monday, November 1, 2010

Fiasco, Leeds

Yesterday was Fiasco, previously at the Royal Armouries but now moved across the way to a nearby conference venue. To be honest, you could hardly tell the difference once you were inside.

This year it seemed more than ever to be a shopping opportunity rather than a games convention. I did far less than my share of the shopping though. I bought some dice. You need lots of d6 for Cold War Commander so I picked up a box of 36! I went with purple, which I figured minimised the chances of getting mine mixed up with anyone else's.

I also picked up a single Spartan APC in 1/300th (needed because some previous Spartans I bought turned out to be Stormers) and four painted T-28s that have gone straight into my WW2 Soviet army.

Finally, I bought some steel paper. Now I'm undecided as to whether I should put magnets on the bases of my 1/300th armour and use steel paper to line the storage drawers or vice versa. Decisions, decisions!

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