Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On the Workbench - February

Having got the Hammerhead game out of the way I'm now back to the Great Northern War in 6mm.

I spent my Christmas money on some Irregular Miniatures Ottoman Turks and they are coming along. A couple of bases worth of Sipahis are painted and one of them is part-way through basing.

Also halfway through the basing process is a unit of Janissaries.

At Hammerhead I blew another chunk of money I'd got for my birthday on some more Russians from Baccus. I'm planning a small campaign set in 18th century Andreivia and felt I needed some more Cossacks, some dismounted dragoons and some Streltsi* musketeers.

Here are some of the toys awaiting their turn under the paint brush. In the foreground you can see some Sipahi elements glued to wine bottle caps for ease of painting. The amount of Shiraz I've consumed just to get some suitable bottle caps! Life is so hard!
*Fortunately I have a Russian colleague at work so I now know to pronounce it strelj'TSEE.

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