Saturday, February 26, 2011

Those Projects

I've mentioned my projects for this year so I suppose I'd better set them down so I can be held to them.

The earliest deadline of all is for Gauntlet in July. I said I'd build some terrain (20mm Peking, 1900). Maybe the Mongol Market?

In August a group of us are off to Melrose in the Scottish Borders. This gives me the ideal motivation to complete my Border Reivers armies for HOTT. These, a force of reiviers and the Wardens men in hot trod, are 15mm from East Riding Miniatures. I've had them for years and, to be honest, I don't like them. They're poorly sculpted figures and they aren't encouraging me to get them done.

The Wolf Pirates need finishing by November if they are to be entered in the Guild's Group Build competition. however, I intend to take them to Berkeley in the first weekend of September so an even earlier deadline applies.

Finally there are a couple of projects that have no particular deadline associated with them. I want to learn 19th Century Principles of War as I think it might be the set for me when it comes to using my 6mm Franco-Prussian War figures. They're pretty much all done (a few General elements need finishing) so I just need to learn the rules and set a date.

Then there's Polemos GNW. I plan to run a fictional early 18th century Russo-Turkish campaign but again I need to learn the rules first. there are also a few figures left to paint. I think I'll set up a game with what's done now, though, and finish the rest later.

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