Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Blame Simon...

For a couple of years now Simon Miller has been drip-feeding me a steady diet of images of beautifully painted Imperial Roman miniatures in 28mm scale.  I was OK, though, as my self-imposed rules didn’t allow me to do anything other than Hordes of the Things in that scale so I couldn’t be tempted.
But then I discovered Basic Impetus and started seeing photographs of lovely miniatures on big (12cm frontage) diorama bases.  I decided to paint up my old Lamming 25mm ancients and see how they looked.  And here they are.
But still, no pressure; I can stop anytime.  It’s not like I’ve got a load of research material on Romans that would encourage me to go out and buy more.  OK, I still have my copy of Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome because it didn’t find a buyer when I put it on a bring and buy.
However, in an idle moment I decided to examine the pile of old, leather-bound books that Stella has acquired over recent years.  What’s that?  A two-volume illustrated edition of Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire?
And what’s that book in the Broomhill Oxfam shop?  Graham Wheeler’s The Roman Imperial Army of the First and Second Centuries AD for just £2.99?
Oh, Gods!  Here we go again.

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BigRedBat said...

Guilty as charged!

They look good. I like retro Romans. Hell, I like ANY Romans, but there is a lot of pleasure in reconditioning old minis.

If you want some more wargame Roman porn, I'd recommend the SOA publications Year of the Four Emperors book, which has OOBs for the whole Empire at that time.

Cheers, Simon