Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Plains of Chaos

At the moment I’m working on something a little different - a Song of Blades and Heroes multiplayer game for the kids attending the Christmas Fair at my daughter’s primary school.
The basic principle is that parties of adventurers and the like from all across the multiverse arrive through dimensional gateways on the Plain of Chaos in search of certain magical or otherwise valuable items.  
There will be four gateways; red, blue, green and black as shown here:
The aim is to get from your gateway to the centre of the board, pick up a treasure (preferably the one you came for) and make it back to your gateway.  However, there will be a random event table that allows for the gateways to move!  
I’m planning on bringing about half a dozen warbands and my young neighbour George has a copy of the rules and is looking into how he can produce a few more from his Warhammer armies.
I’ve decided that the best way to make sure everyone gets a go whilst keeping the game suitably chaotic is to use a very simple card-driven initiative system.  I shall put one card in the deck for each currently active player and a card to remind me when to roll for random events.  I’m not going to use what the Two Fat Lardies would call a Tea Break card (i.e. one that ends the current turn) as I don’t think youngsters will appreciate the idea of not getting a fair crack of the whip.
We’ll be playing on a standard 90cm square board so there should be plenty of scope for clashes with up to six warbands on the table at one time.
At present I have the Ronin (for simplicity I’m dropping the Ninja).
The Goblins used by Jamie in our try-out game have been redesigned to make them more fun to play and more Goblin-like (i.e. more likely to activate but less individually powerful in combat).
There are also some Phugs (Peter Pig aliens; notionally in 15mm scale) of which there are five Warriors (Quality 4, Combat 3, Short Move, Tough) and the Queen (Q2, C2, Magic-User, Leader, Short Move).

Then we have my Pantangians: three Pirates (Q2, C4, no special rules) and two Tigers (Q3, C5, Animal, Savage, Long Move).

A couple more Warbands are going to be needed.  There’s a group of Orcs and another of Dwarves that I need to stat up before the weekend.

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