Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On the workbench - miscellaneous

After weeks of planning and painting in 6mm scale I've done some larger scale models for a change.

These Comets are the first of a troop of three I fancied building.  I had an old model I built years ago but put the wrong markings on (the Guards Armoured Division didn't have Comets during WW2).  I also had a very badly constructed one given to me by a friend.  I bought a third recently to make up the troop.

That's the new (Revell-branded) model on the left and the repaint (Matchbox-branded but it's the same kit) on the right.  The resurrection job is still to be completed.

Next we have some speed painted plastic Napoleonics.  French fusiliers from Esci.  I'm experimenting with variations on the three colour and dip techniques at present.

And finally, knocked up in a couple of half-hour slots I had available, three 'blinds' for Sharp Practice.  These are markers that stand in for units that haven't been spotted.  They're a bit on the small side but I made them to make use of some off-cuts of basing card I happened to have lying around.


cardophillipo said...

Like the pig base Richard and the Comets look good. What no 6mm, I'm surrounded by a lead mountain and Dave Lamberts stuff is still to arrive.

Richard P

Counterpane said...

The pig's from the Imex American Pioneers set.

My 20mm kick's likely to continue for a bit as I sort out stuff to off-load at Gauntlet (and possibly Triples).