Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pulp Villains

Fed up with building terrain for Crisis Point, I spent some time yesterday evening painting a couple of 28mm figures.  These are figures from the Artizan Designs' range entitled Thrilling Tales.

The first figure is from the Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare pack.  He's simply painted with everything except the face and tie just blocked in with no highlighting at all.

The next guy is also by Artizan but from the Enemy Agents pack.  he's had some very basic highlighting added to his black clothing. This looks awful in the photographs but is hardly noticeable in real life.  In which case it's probably not worth doing!

Both figures need varnishing and the first needs his base painting.

I'm thinking my Pulp villains might be some kind of international conspiracy of influential men preparing for "the forthcoming war against Bolshevism".  I quite fancy the idea of the Heroes' opponents including the Gestapo, Japanese agents, and elements within the British Establishment.


Tom Zunder said...

Of course some of them may be Communists themselves, leading to wonderful double cross scenarios. Or the Gestapo and the Conservatives versus the closet Commies and the the Russians. Mix and match to suit..

Counterpane said...

Good point. I'm not planning on running a hard espionage campaign though - there'll be super science involved and I don't rule out the appearance of occult elements.