Monday, April 15, 2013

Arctic Strike Achieved!

Phew!  The Big Game is now behind us and I can begin to sit back and take stock.  Here are a few pics taken during setting up.  More to follow.

The southern table - outskirts of Bodø in the foreground.
Middle table (with northern table in the background).
That's Herjangenfjord in the foreground.

View of the hall during set-up.

That sodding ice-breaker - finished just before the game and serving
only as eye-candy!
Andy Canham's marvellous oil rig, near Tromso.

Nice roads by Steve Graham.

NATO's air support

A long shot of the northern table - Tromso to Lyngenfjord.


BigRedBat said...

That's really cool! CAme together very well.

Counterpane said...

Yeah, it looked great. Unfortunately we rather over reached ourselves as regards size of forces and it was a bit slow playing.