Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ninjas At The Vicarage

Gus and his lads came over yesterday and we had our first proper go at 45 Adventure.  We played my first completed scenario "Ninjas At The Vicarage".  It's based on a test game I ran some time back and involves Ninjas trying to seize the Rev Charles Featherstonehaugh and his journal.  Both the Rev and the book contain vital clues to ... well we'll find out about that later.

Robin had control of four Ninjas detailed to search the vicarage and capture the Reverend.  Gus and Peter took, respectively, the roles of the Hon Miranda Carlyle.  Miranda had learned that her Uncle Charles feared for his life and had flown (literally) down to Little Muttering with her Belgian pilot friend Pierre Baudouin.

The game began with villains and heroes approaching the vicarage from opposite corners of the board.

Miranda knocks at the front door whilst Pierre passes the vicar's Rolls.
Meanwhile, a ninja stealthily crosses the lawn. 
One of the ninjas checks out the rainwater butt (an encounter marker)
beside the garage.

As a result of the encounter marker, the vicar attempts to escape by
climbing out of a side window of the vicarage.
The vicar was able to escape off-board but he left behind a fierce hand-to-hand fight in the vicarage as Miranda, who had managed to find the journal in a locked desk drawer thanks to another encounter marker, tried to escape the clutches of the ninjas.

Miranda flees the vicarage... 
... but she's caught and taken down by a ninja.
The game ended in a draw with the Rev Featherstonehaugh rescued but villains in possession of his vital journal.  Who knows what further adventures await Miranda and Pierre?


Kaptain Kobold said...

The objective markers sound interesting. How do they work to trigger events?

Counterpane said...

You can use them in different ways. I used playing cards with each card triggering a different event depending on whether it was indoors or out.

I'll post up the list.

Kaptain Kobold said...

Great, thanks.