Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Box of Delights

Yesterday I became the latest custodian of this:

It's a box of, I estimate conservatively, 2,000 mostly plastic figures that Tim Gow obtained from Mark Hydes.  Tim's had his pick and passed it on and I shall do likewise.  I might even add some figures to it before I do so.

So far I've managed to extract enough Airfix French Foreign Legion types to allow me to finish my Rommel's Route  To Verdun project.  There's also a pile of sixty-odd British colonial types that will go nicely with my existing collection for playing scenarios based on TT Jeans's The Gun Runners.

More reports later as I make my way through the pile!


Tim Gow said...

I'm sure it'll keep you entertained for a while!

Counterpane said...


I think we should institute "Box Crossing" - a system whereby a box of toy soldiers can be tracked as it makes its way around the world from wargamer to wargamer.

Tim Gow said...

Tell you what - why not microchip each toy soldier? You start....