Sunday, June 23, 2013

Franks and Scorpions

Although I've spent most of the last 72 hours playing with my new huge box of plastic figures, I have managed to get a few more 6mm models painted.

These guys are all Irregular Miniatures - one the left a unit of Franks and on the right some Roman bolt throwers.

I'd acquired the Bolt throwers and their crew years ago as part of a load of second-hand models and having no plans at the time to get into Romans I'd pinched a couple of the crew figures for other purposes.  One ended up as a peasant giving directions to a GNW Russian general, whilst another now serves as a Bektashi Dervish in the rear of an Ottoman Turkish unit!

I therefore had to bulk out this unit with some of the generic Dark Ages types that also see service as Franks.  Chi-Rho monograms give the shields a suitably Late Roman look.

The Franks can serves as wild invaders of the Empire or as semi-tamed Foederati.  These are painted based on notes in Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome - striped tunics, green cloaks with red edging, blonde hair, and shields in segmented patterns.  They carry a mixture of axes and spears.

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Tim Gow said...

I'm impressed that you managed to deal with the distraction! Can you get in touch about the hall we discussed?