Sunday, October 13, 2013

Andreivian Turk Air Support

The Henschel Hs-126 of WW2 vintage was until recently an exhibit at the Air Museum of the Andreivian Air Pioneers Organisation outside Tuzkhur.

It has now been made airworthy by disaffected Andreivian Turk engineers and placed at the disposal of a militia group fighting around the capital.

The model is the old Matchbox kit modified by the addition of an Orion RPG gunner in the navigator's seat, a new radio and cockpit detail (from a Matchbox Wespe) and the mounting of a rare earth magnet at an angle under the cockpit floor.  This allows the model to fly at a dynamic, canted angle on my flying stand.


Andrew Canham said...

Looking very good Richard. How do they fare against Migs and F15s?



Counterpane said...

F-15s probably can't fly slow enough to engage it!

Phil said...

Very nice looking plane!