Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Got a new motor

I found a 1/72nd scale Carorama Toyota Landcruiser at the local flea market on Monday.  Ideal for downtown Tcherbevan.

The 1989 edition of the Lonely Planet Guide to Andreivia has this to say about cars:

In recent years Andreivia has become one of Europe’s leading markets for stolen cars. It is believed that one third of all cars stolen in Germany end up in Andreivia under false licence plates.  
So great is the number of high performance cars available on the Tcherbevan black market that the city’s police force recently took delivery of a fleet of high powered  Mercedes saloons for its pursuit team.  Unfortunately these vehicles remain in storage following the discovery that they had been stolen to order in Stuttgart.

A parking ticket?  From a VDV platoon commander?

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