Friday, January 23, 2015

A Couple of Evenings' Work

I fancied a change of pace so I decided to speed-paint some more Napoleonics that I had in store, based and undercoated.

Jamie and I have been discussing putting on a game of Sharp Practice this June.  Jamie's doing the scenario but the plan is to set the game a couple of days before Waterloo and to play it on the 200th anniversary of the events (Waterloo Day itself falling in the middle of the week this year).

Sharp Practice needs relatively large forces for a skirmish game and up to now I've often made do with units that consisted of uncomfortable mixtures of types painted at various times over many years.  I need some more, uniformly painted French fusiliers.

These guys are not quite complete after two evenings.

The eight Frenchies on the left will mean that I have 32 in all (plus some grenadiers and voltigeurs), which is starting to get there.

The twelve assorted chaps on the right are from the HaT Spanish Guerrillas set.  Not much use for Waterloo but they happened to be based and undercoated and Napoleonic civilians of any kind are hard to come by in 20mm scale.

The HaT figures are from two different sculptors with differing styles, rather like those old Airfix Afrika Korps boxes that had the Mark 1 infantry but then a much more modern-looking commander figure.

I must dig out my copy of the Sharp Practice rules and remind myself how they work before June!

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