Sunday, January 4, 2015

On the Workbench - attractive property, 2 bdms

After playing the New Year's Eve Pulp Alley game, I found myself keen to do some more terrain modelling.  I knew I could do a better job of crating a cottage with a back garden than I'd managed with the available 28mm stuff.

A quick trawl through the haul of available storage boxes revealed a long, narrow box that would fit a half-completed Airfix/Dapol thatched cottage.  I then had a look through the terrain items box and found some Ratio picket fencing that would do nicely to the property boundaries.

I then remembered the Platelayer's Hut model that came as a freebie on the front of Railway modeller.  I reckoned that this would make a decent garden shed or perhaps outside toilet.

I've used some rough rectangles of artist's mounting board to make a garden path in the front and there'll be something similar in the back.

I'm not really sure how much use this will see.  It's obviously fine for Operation Sealion or AVBCW but I don't have plans to do either in 20mm at the moment.  I think I bought it with the Rommel's Route To Verdun campaign in mind.  Still, once it's put away in its box it'll be out of the way and I can cross it off the list of unfinished stuff.

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