Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New basing concept

Having played a few games of To The Strongest with multiple players on each side, I decided I needed to invest in some more activation counters.  I contacted Simon Miller and he very kindly split the usual packs to sell me just what I needed; two lots of activation chits:

Being the fine chap he is, Simon also enclosed a bag of 10 disorder markers:

... and most interesting of all, a sample of his new line in MDF bases.

These take advantage of the fact that  exact base sizes are not critical in TTS!  As you can see the base above is about the right size for one of my 28mm scale Wars of the Roses foot units (12cm by 6cm).

In addition, the bases come with ready-cut holes into which Simon has stuck rare earth magnets such that your completed unit will ride safely in a steel tool box or a filing box lined with steel paper.

At the moment I use my WOTR collection to play Basic Impetus, which is base-size critical, so I don't know whether this approach would work for me.  I suppose a Blutac-ed down unit in a test game is called for.   Then again, I should also get around to test driving TTS! as a WOTR game.


Simon Miller said...

Thanks Richard. The bases are a bit different- a lot of it for me is about the aesthetics, helping the minis to blend in with the table. I'm using them for my WotRs and will rebase all of my (and Ian his) Gloranthan stuff onto them. My 6,500 ancients minis are NOT going to be rebased. ;-)

Happy said...

Simon i'm dissapointed. You're NOT going to be rebasing 6,500 painted ancients.That's an amateurs approach, from yourself I expect sooooooo much better.

Counterpane said...

He's a complete wuss, isn't he, Happy? What kind of wargamer blanches at rebasing a mere 6,500 figures.

Simon Miller said...

I also have 3,200 painted but unbased minis, so there is plenty of opportunity for basing without revisiting the based. :-)

Counterpane said...

Another game of TTS coming tomorrow. Look out for the write-up here.

Richard Phillips said...

6500 is that all get on with it man call yourself a wargamer ;-) Looking forward to new TtS! AAR report.