Monday, February 29, 2016

Trying some more CoC

Fellow wargamer Geoff Taylor mentioned that he'd had a fun game teaching Bolt Action with two Shermans and an M8 against a Tiger in a built-up area.  I decided to use a similar approach as part of my on-going efforts to learn Chain of Command.

In fact for the first game I dispensed with the Shermans and just fielded the M8 Greyhound!

Most of the buildings are some rough ruins that Ian Shaw knocked up when we needed them in a hurry for last year's CrIsis Point.

The game, played solo, was great fun.  Over the course of an hour (I was looking up rules as I went) the M8 stalked around the table trying to get a flank or rear shot on the Tiger.

The flank shot was achieved and the Tiger took engine damage.  It maybe shouldn't have done so, though, as I missed the "Heavy Armour" rule which mean the Tiger is pretty much as tough from the side as it is from the front.  Then again, the M8 did roll very well!

In the end, role-playing a bit, I decided the German tank commander was frustrated enough to try and ram the damned Ami.  This gave me a chance to try out the driving-through-buildings rule and the ramming rule.  The latter turns out to be tremendously risky and I shouldn't have tried it really.

The Tiger managed to crash through the ruin without getting stuck but, amazingly given the disparate weight of the two vehicles and the disparate number of dice being rolled, bounced off the M8 leaving both crews stunned for a phase.

The M8's commander was the first to recover his wits and he made a mad dash for safety at full speed.  Sadly this only made him an easy target for the Tiger....

I'm fairly happy with the armour rules.  They seem to have a reasonable level of complexity given the small number of tanks likely to be used in a game.

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