Saturday, August 6, 2016

26 Figures in 26 days?

As I've mentioned here before, for no particular reason my wargaming year begins on 1st September. I keep a log of what I've bought and what I've painted in an attempt to keep the lead pile in some sort of order.

This year, despite a horribly disordered painting table, I may just be within range of painting more than I've acquired in every category of model.

A horribly disordered painting table today

So far this year I've built and/or painted 38 buildings or terrain pieces (and bought 24 new ones), 27 various game markers (and bought none), 37 infantry, cavalry, vehicle or artillery units in 6mm  scale (19), seven 6mm scale aircraft (none), 74 20mm scale figures (14), 3 20mm scale guns (none), and 15 1/3000th scale ships (none).So I'm ahead of the game in all but one category.

This year I've bought 117 new 28mm figures but only painted 92 (including a few old 25mm chaps). So that's 26 figures to paint if I'm to have reduced the lead pile in all categories this year.  And 26 days to do it in!

I shall report back here as I progress with painting what will probably be a fairly incoherent mass of assorted figures.

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