Monday, March 19, 2018

A bit of a catch-up

I've been most remiss about posting here for the last few weeks. I just haven't felt that motivated to do so despite getting loads of painting done.

I'm within three figures of completing a second (Italian allied) legion for my To The Strongest Republican Romans.  I'd like to get them all done before I show pictures here.

Ive also nearly finished a second pack of Turkish infantry for Crisis Point. Again, pics when done.

So what can I show you?  Well, I have managed to create some more zero-cost plot points for Pulp Alley.

First up is this fire marker...

The base is a 0.02 Euro coin 'glooped' with tile grout.  the flames are made from Green Stuff. Whenever I have some left over I use it to make these wiggly shapes and when I have enough it goes onto a base like this.

Then we have a... well... one of these...

It's a mysterious alien artifact poking out of the desert sands, I guess. This is literally a found item; some bit of child's toy that I found lying in the street. Painted and given a couple of coats of progressively lighter dry-brushing (which don't show at all in the photo). As usual stuck to a coin with texture applied - in this case a two pence coin.

And finally, a cactus for the Mexican desert...

Obviously a coin and some basing gloop are involved but there's an Order of Andreivian Artists (Second Class) to anyone who can identify the freebie source of the cactus itself.

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