Saturday, April 13, 2019

Time for Terrain part 2

I knew it!  As soon as I committed publicly to spending time building 6mm terrain, I'd get enthused by another project in 28mm or 20mm.  However, I have managed to get some 6mm stuff done.

First up is my Roman camp.

The resin tents are by Leven Miniatures.  I've left most of it as bare earth on the grounds that there would have been a lot of soldiers walking around.  Maybe I've overdone it?  A bit more grass?

Skipping forward a millennium and a half or more we have this...

I had a rather nice Spitfire model that I acquired many years ago but that got a wing broken off in a tragic being-dropped-in-front-of-an-opening-door accident.

Sorry the pics are a bit dark but at least it disguises my poor paint job.

A few decades later on, a bit of repainting on a space 4x4 from my Cold War Swedes gives us this little civilian vehicle...

And finally for now we have the castle that appeared in my previous post on this subject.

As I said previously, I reckon this will sit happily in the corner of any 6mm game from the Middle Ages onwards (without the car of course).

OK, so I've got some 6mm stuff done.  I promise to comeback with some more.  Eventually.


Ski said...

I don't know... the car in front of the old castle really sets a scene. You can imagine an "Indiana Jones" exploring in the ruins.

Nice work all around!

Counterpane said...

Cheers Ski. I probably won’t deploy it there in Great Northern War games!