Monday, June 29, 2020

Back to Future War Commander

It looks like we've had enough of Lion Rampant for a bit - one of my players finds the activation system particularly frustrating.  I've been casting around for other games to play virtually.  I've rejected Maurice (not well adapted to multiplayer and too difficult to keep track of who's holding what card) Dux Britanniarum and Pulp Alley (also card driven). Infamy Infamy is coming soon but I'll not be ready to run it straight away.  

I've had a (very) few 6mm sci-fi models in my collection for years and I only played Future War Commander a couple of times. I have an idea for a ladder campaign so I thought I'd dust off the rules and have a play, solo, to refamiliarise myself with them.

Here we see some mercenary forces in action against government troops on the planet Pyncharn. 

The rules are sufficiently similar to Cold War Commander that it wasn't too much of a struggle to get the hang of them. As with CWC they can bog down into a static firefight but, experience shows, it's the side that manoeuvres successfully that wins in those circumstances.

In this case the mercenaries managed to get round onto the flanks of the government forces and force them to retreat.

I'll run a test game with my four players next and see how that goes before committing to the campaign idea.


Ski said...

I wish I'd given FWC a look before I sold off my 6mm sci fi collection a few months ago. I enjoy BKC and CWC. I've had such trouble finding a suitable ruleset for that scale that I just gave up.

Good stuff! I look forward to seeing some action.

Kaptain Kobold said...

Won't FWCs activation system irk your co-gamer as much as Dragon Rampant's?

Counterpane said...

Ski, have you looked at Dirtside II from Ground Zero Games? I've played it a few times and enjoyed it. Any game where the combat system involves drawing chits from a cup is always fun.

Also the weapon system design rules were good in that you could take any model and build believable stats for it.

i'm picking FWC because I think it'll work better via Discord or Skype.

Counterpane said...

Kap'n, that has occurred to me but I think the fact that he'll have at least two HQs and the ability to call on the CO to activate units if he fails altogether may alleviate he problem.

First games a test session, though. If it proves problematic we won't go on to try a campaign.