Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Battle (near) Barbarian Town

It's become a firm New Year's holiday tradition to play a wargame during the week between Christmas and the New Year holiday. This year it was a big Gloranthan Hordes of the Things game.

The following pic shows the battlefield on the edge of the Storm Hills in Prax. The thin line stretching across the board is the dry bed of the Sounder's River. On the left are the combined Heortling, Sun Dome Templar and Beast Valley forces. On the right are the Praxian Nomads and their Chaotic allies-of-convenience.

Matt Zunder (left) commanded the Heortlings whilst his dad Tom took the role of Muriah, Witch Queen of the Broos.

It took a while but eventually Tom managed to summon Cacodemon (a God in Hordes terms). Here he comes!

Gus wonders what to do about a pair of wondering Sylphs threatening the left flank of his Praxians.

Soon after the arrival of Cacodemon, the Praxian Fire Spirit Oakfed arrived. So that's two Gods for the defenders to face! To the right we can see Argrath White Bull (Magician) and a giant spirit Rhino (Behemoth).

Andy Sangar looks concerned as Cacodemon threatens the allies' left flank.

No need to worry though - Matt's Heortling chieftain (now known as Nietzsche) manages to kill Cacodemon by surrounding the God and getting a lucky die roll.

In the centre the Sun Dome Militia repeatedly win combats they should lose. Eventually, Andy's Minotaur Hero and my Sun Dome Templars (Spears) kill enough Morocanth to see off the Praxians. Oakfed had lasted a couple of turns before Gus rolled a 1 and he decided to bugger off!

In all, an enjoyable if a bit one-sided battle. The defenders had three contingents and hence three lots of PIPs. The attackers had two, larger contingents which should have had greater staying power but I suspect the relative lack of PIPs was too much of a disadvantage - that and their inability to roll well in combat!


Grégory Privat said...

Remind me the good old time : happy new year and thx for sharing !

Counterpane said...

Merci et bonne année, Grégory!

Counterpane said...
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tzunder said...

It was a fun if finally defeating battle for we of the Chaotic persuasion. Thanks for a great HOTT game Rich. Good to see Gus. Boo hiss to Andy and Matt!

Matthew said...

The brave Heortlings fought for their lives and just as things were looking up the mighty Cacodmeon appeared on the crest of the hill. Undeterred they charged him down, surrounding him on all sides. The god had underestimated the fervour of mortal passions and soon was defeated! In the midst of battle General Nietzsche screamed "God is dead!" and the Heortlings advanced further into the bloody mist of battle.

Great game Rich. Thought I'd add some creative storytelling of my own!