Monday, December 6, 2010

Potential Scenarios from The Third World War

I'm planning a big Cold War Commander game next year and we need to decide which scenario to play. So far I've found the following possibles in Hackett's The Third World War and its sequel The Untold Story.

OPTION A - 4th August, 1985

One Division of 2GTA, supported by two Polish divs (one tank, one MR) pushes toward Kiel Canal. Polish 6th Airborne and East German Willi Sanger diversionary unit in support.

Interesting mix of units, possible major terrain item (the canal).

OPTION B - 5th August, 1985

I (Be) Corps pushed back west of Kassel. Soviet attacks open a salient between I (Be) Corps and III (Ge) Corps on the NORTHAG-CENTAG boundary. Soviet thrust develops towards Giessen. V (US) Corps counterattacks into the flank of the Soviet salient between Alsfeld and Schluchtern.

Good mix of nationalities (no Brits though)

OPTION C - 10th August, 1985

After days of heavy bombardment Soviet amphibious forces land at Bodö. A Norwegian bde and a British RM Commando move the oppose the landings.

Could be spectacular, no heavy weapons on either side

OPTION D - 12th August, 1985

SOUTHAG, now consisting of II (Fr) Corps, II (Ge) Corps and a couple of brigades of Austrian troops, under heavy pressure along the Lech. (TTWW p169)

Interesting mix of forces, possibly interesting river crossing scenario

OPTION E - 14th August, 1985

0400, Soviet 7th Guards Army launches attack on Venlo position (no chemical weapons used). Bn strength airborne attack on rear areas at Roermonde and Neuss. The MRRs lead the attack. An additional attack by Soviet MRD west of the Maas, southwards towards Roermonde is held off by a US bde with two Dutch regiments under command.

Crucial battle of the campaign, good mix of forces,

OPTION F - 14th August, 1985

Battle of the Lippe - Soviet forces attack southwards across the Lippe down the east bank of the Rhein. They are opposed by regular and Heimatschutzkommando West German forces plus a Dutch bde and elements of II (Br) Corps. Flooding, minefields and close air support help to slow the Soviet advance. (TTWW pp235-238)

Another part of the crucial battle, interesting terrain.

OPTION G - 14th August, 1985

This option combines Options E and F into a single, huge game. This may need to be “bath-tubbed” (using, say, battalion-sized forces to represent brigades) in order to fit everything in.

Big, epic in scope, too big?

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tzunder said...

Sounds fun.

You know I have lots of 28mm dystopic future minis, we much try out some rulesets some time with them.

My fave one would be Savage Showdown.