Friday, December 24, 2010

Don't Try This In Winter

It's Christmas Eve and the village is deep in snow so of course my thoughts turn to... outdoor wargaming! Actually, no, these are old pictures I found whilst idly scrolling through iPhoto.

In May 2004, Gus Woodward and I were visiting our friend Andy Sangar when we noticed the paving slabs in his garden were just the right size for a Hordes of the Things Game. Naturally we just happened to have a toolbox full of figures with us!

The armies are Gus's - 6mm models from the Irregular Miniatures fantasy range. Here we see the Goblins (foreground) and the Dwarves drawn up in battle array.

On full-sized bases for 15mm figures the large numbers of 6mm figures look impressive. These are Goblin Warband.

Here my flanking force, a large (if suspiciously rectilinear) pack of wolves sets off to encircle the Dwarves.

Here is the Dwarf main battleline - Shooters in the front ranks backed up by Blades.

Two Dwarf Hero elements. The one on the left (as we look) is the Dwarf General held aloft on his shield.

I can't recall the exact result but here's the final shot I have. Clearly the Dwarf left has collapsed whilst the Dwarf Heroes have made mincemeat of the Warbands that faced them.

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