Saturday, March 5, 2011

On the workbench - March

I have a real mish-mash of stuff on the go this month.

The early 18th century Russo-Turkish project continues. Our first pic shows a Turkish skirmishing infantry unit, painted and with the base 'glooped' with tile grout. I shall do a batch of base painting and decorating later. The figures are all Irregular Miniatures.

Also Turkish and also Irregular Miniatures are these Sipahis...

...and this general element.

My Russians for the same project are all from Baccus 6mm. Although the Baccus figures are individually nicer sculpts, the two ranges go fairly well together. The bases are of similar thickness and the figures stand at similar heights. Painted and based, the differences in style aren't too noticeable. These are dismounted dragoons.
At Hammerhead I picked up some Streltsi and these are the first unit I've painted. They represent the 7th Moscow Streltsi. They were disbanded in 1699 but in my campaign they'll be representing provincial forces, perhaps even Andreivians.

Also from Baccus, I have a few Franco-Prussian war general elements to do. In this period the difference between the Baccus and Irregular seems more noticeable. The Baccus French kepis are rather over scale and compared to the Irregular ones.

Finally, in 15mm scale I've bitten the bullet and started back on the Border Reivers. Two done, another thirty-odd to do!

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