Monday, April 4, 2011

On The Workbench This Month

End of this month I need to show some progress in my Guild Team Build entry - The Wolf Pirates. I have started on the two Vormaini (Samurai to the non-Gloranthan among you) and a Humakti I picked up at the market in Sheffield. There's also a Tiger Son - a kind of were-tiger. I've had the latter figure for years without painting it but one of them appears in a picture of the Wolf Pirates in one of the Runequest books and I think it's the figure that tempted me to try Wolf Pirates in the first place.

Unfortunately I'm also getting side tracked by other projects and spent an hour or so this evening doing minor surgery on some Achaemenid Persians who are gradually taking on the role of Lunar infantry. Then I found a spare wire spear and one of the Spartans I use for Sun Dome Templars so he got glued up and stuck to a bottle cap for painting too.

After that I should get back to the Border Reivers but they still aren't capturing my enthusiasm.

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