Thursday, April 21, 2011

When I was sick and lay abed...

A nasty cold and sinusitis have left me lacking in energy and I've got very little done over the past week or so. Hence the lack of postings here.

I did, however, whilst recuperating, manage to put together a Fujimi SU-85. I've started painting it but it still needs pin-washing and dry brushing. The crew figure is from Blitz - I keep a supply of assorted tank commander figures for any vehicles I fancy building.

I've also returned to a building a started a few years back. It was meant to be completed for the SOTCW Salerno game at Gauntlet in 2009 but never got there.

The building was to represent an Italian Naval coastal watch station that stood next to the coast road between Maiori and Vietri. I've gone with the idea of a building perched on a rock outcrop with a ramp up to the door.

The orange colour is just that of my pot of textured masonry paint; the final building will be rather more tasteful!

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