Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bridge Demolition

Rob Connolly and I had another game of 19th Century Principles of War this afternoon. We refought the first of Charles S Grant's Table Top Teasers from Battle for Wargamers magazine in 1979.

The first pic shows the battlefield layout. The two white rectangles show the entry points for the army of the Veereinigte Freie Staedte. The green line shows the limit of deployment of the Lorraine forces.
On the northern road (below) the VFS cavalry brigade is first to arrive and finds a brigade of Lorrainer infantry awaiting them.
The VFS cavalry arrive in column of march and immediately come under effective fire. The yellow markers show that the Rijkswacht te Paard, the Hohernzollern Kurassier, and the von Ratsmer Uhlans are all shaken.
The Royal La Marine (left) and Royal Vaisseaux (astride the road) regiments would stand form throughout the action.

Further VFS forces advance along the north-western road.

I'm told I have to stop playing T'Pau really loud on the stereo and come to bed now. More of today's battle later.

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