Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bit of a catch-up

I've not been here much of late because our mobile internet connection has been moving with the speed of a snail on diazepam.  However, things seem to have picked up; for one glorious half hour on Thursday evening the download rate topped 1Mbps!  I can only assume all of the other T-mobile customers in northwest Sheffield were struck down by some short-lived viral condition that prevented them putting finger to keyboard.

Anyway, I think I already mentioned that I've been out shopping and bought both Sharp Practice and Black Powder.  Both have seen very basic try-outs on top of my plan chest and both look likely to see action in one of our forthcoming Saturday Afternoon Wargames(TM).  More on both of these later.

The other major breakthrough is to have managed to persuade the school PFA to accept April's big CWC game as a PFA event. This saves us needing separate public liability insurance and makes the event financially viable.  Now to acquire the necessary green table cloths!

On the workbench of late have been some of the Perry plastic Wars of the Roses infantry I got at Christmas.  They're gradually adding a Duke of Somerset's contingent to my Basic Impetus collection.

Then there are these 20mm British Napoleonic infantry. They were, ready-painted, among a batch of plastic figures given to me by a work colleague.  I think I'll give them a dip-style varnish wash to tone them down a bit.

Finally, as I start to bulk up some existing units for a forthcoming game of Sharp Practice, a couple of Airfix conversions.  A kneeling French infantryman gets a busbied head from a British Hussar to make a Nassau grenadier.  The Frenchman's shako is then donated to a British infantryman to make a Black Brunswicker fusileer.  Sadly the Englishman's Belgic shakoed head is of no use on (and too small for) the Hussar body which will probably wait for another spare French shako.


BigRedBat said...

Perrys look very nice!

Counterpane said...

They are gorgeous figures to paint.

I want to get them finished before I buy some more Romans. I hope to avoid being sucked into 28mm Black Powder.

BigRedBat said...

Am personally very taken with the Perry Naps.

One of us... one of us...

Anonymous said...
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