Thursday, January 26, 2012

No January Game

You may have noticed (or you may not; perhaps no one cares) that there's no write up of January's Saturday Afternoon WargameTM.  This is because there was no January Saturday Afternoon Wargame.  We were to have been thin on the ground anyway (just me, Jamie and Phil) but then Phil had transport problems and we decided to abort.  Just as well really as I was still hung-over from the previous evening's meeting of the Bradfield and District Pork Pie Appreciation Society.

However, if you're interested here's a photo* of the table set up for the abortive Sharp Practice game:

The rectangular objects along the far tree line are the cards I was planning to use as blinds to disguise hidden French units.

* Interestingly (or again, perhaps not) that was an example of the linguistic error known as a conditional biscuit as in "If you're hungry, there's a biscuit on the table" when in fact the biscuit is on the table whether you're hungry or not.

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