Monday, January 16, 2012

Slightly Delayed Review of the Gaming Year

2011 has been the first full year of Saturday Afternoon Wargames (™) and I’ve been happy that I’ve got far more gaming done as a result.
As always Hordes of the Things comes top in terms of most games played.  Eighteen or so I think this year.  No other game comes close in terms of volume but a few games have given me at least as much pleasure during the year.  
Basic Impetus has achieved a very credible four games (two I played and two I refereed) and has every prospect of being my ancient and medieval rules of choice for the foreseeable future.  I suspect there are one or two glitches around the strengths of units and a lack of proper distinction between light and heavy troops but nothing I can’t live with.

Cold War Commander had already established itself as a favourite.  Again not a perfect set of rules (I’m not entirely sold on the core combat mechanic) but these rules have got me playing with my late 20th century microtanks for the first time in years.  Next year with see at least two CWC games - one of them a BIG one.

Principles of War saw a couple of outings during the year and seems to give a perfectly acceptable Franco-Prussian War experience.  I’ll probably play some more next year but might try Black Power with my 6mm figures too.
Finally, among the miniatures games, Song of Blades and Heroes has been a fun addition to the repertoire.  As a way of having a quick game with a few 25mm fantasy figures, they are a good way of getting some use out of some old miniatures. 

Boardgames-wise, I’ve played a couple of scenarios from my old Victory Games “Fleet series” collection. I’d be keen to do some more next year but they really need a bit longer than a Saturday afternoon allows.  

Whilst away on holiday we played a cheapo game called Get to Da Chopper.  Based upon the film Predator (I believe; I’ve never seen it) it was brief and fun.
Gus brought along a block building game over at Christmas that was fun but I can’t remember the name.
As regards painting it’s been very much at both ands of the scale range (6mm from ancients to moderns via the Great Northern War and the Franco Prussian War) and 25/28mm fantasy, medievals and ancients but very little in between.  My plan to paint up my remaining late war Germans as Kampfgruppe Odsenzods was particularly stalled.
But I did get those damned Border Reivers finished!

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